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  • Embedded Cybersecurity Through Secure Coding Standards CWE and CERT

    This paper will look at two common cybersecurity coding standards, CWE and CERT.Read More

    A Practical Guide to Accelerating MISRA C 2012 Compliance with Test Automation

    The task of building embedded software applications was already fraught with challenges, and then with the introduction of IoT, everything now seems to have a connection to the internet—simultaneously increasing the complexity of the systems and the risk of security vulnerabilities. To help mitigate these challenges, many people look to the MISRA guidelines.Read More

    Streamlining Unit Testing for Embedded and Safety Critical Systems

    This paper outlines the key elements needed to successfully address unit testing in a way that is scalable across the entire project and organization, enabling more of the software team as a whole to contribute to the unit tests—not only the engineers.Read More

    Smart Sensors Revolutionizing the IoT

    The Internet of Things is transforming the way we live, and smart sensors are playing a critical part in that trend. The editors at AspenCore have compiled a series of articles highlighting LIDAR for autonomous vehicles, wearable health care monitors, satellite technology for farmers, and more. Download this digital collection today.Read More

    Cybersecurity for Automobiles: BlackBerry's 7-Pillar Recommendation

    Auto cybersecurity is on national agendas because automobiles are increasingly connected to the Internet and other systems and bad actors can commandeer a vehicle and render it dangerous, amongst other undesirable outcomes. The problem is complex and the point-solutions that exist today are fragmented leaving a very porous and "hackable" system.Read More

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Embedded Cybersecurity Through Secure Coding Standards CWE and CERT

Save & Follow 14 May 2018

This paper will look at... Read More

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Jen McDade Very informative post especially for... (Read More)
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