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A Change of Face

Last month, we finally finished the discussion of interpreters in general, and the Sweet interpreter that I wrote for an embedded project, inparticular. We did it in spite of everything Windows 95 and Office 97 coulddo, conspiring against us. Now it's time to switch gears to a new topic. However, as usual when I've completed a long and difficult series, a few loose ends of the old series need to be tied up. As things have turned out, that's going to be especially true this time, thanks to lots of letters from readers and some other events that all converged at just the right time (there I go, talking about convergences again). Whenever I'm finishing a series, I like to take a little breather anyhow–sort of like the comic relief playwrights tend to throw into a heavy dramatic piece. That's mostly what we'll be doing this month. Next month we'll get serious again.

As a general rule, I try to balance the topics I choose for this column to be a mixture of talking…Read More.

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