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A deterministic motion control system using IEEE 1394b


In “Clustered-architecture motion control system utilizing IEEE 1394b communication network,” Martin Hosek, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Persimmon Technologies describes a scalable real time deterministic network architecture for synchronized control of complex multi-axis non-linear machines using a network based on the IEEE 1394b high-speed serial bus standard.

It uses a unique clustered architecture which allows for a high level of centralization of control algorithms in clusters of remote controllers in selected areas while promoting distribution of control algorithms running on substantially autonomous controllers in other areas.

As a result, high performance control can be achieved where necessary without burdening the entire communication network by a heavy time critical traffic and impairing the overall scalability of the control system.

The distributed nature of the control system opens numerous challenges in the areas of implementation of model-based control, synchronization of individual controllers, and handling of events associated with inputs on multiple controllers. He proposes practical solutions to these challenges in the framework of the IEEE 1394b standard.

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