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A flexible metric-driven framework for software development


In software engineering, metrics are always used for measuring the quality of software process to improve software development or maintenance.

The effectiveness and efficiency of software engineering metrics depend on following two factors: one is selection of metrics and their intended use and at what stage of the software development process and the other is the architecture or framework where metrics are deployed.

There are several metric frameworks available to make metrics work efficiently, but only for the specific industrial uses. But in this paper, a general metrics framework is proposed, which follows the Goal/Question/Metric paradigm  to support most of the metrics.

Furthermore, a sample application based on this framework is presented to demonstrate its effect on software process. The results provide some useful insights into project management practices.

Our proposed framework, while based on GQM approach is combined with a Factor/Criteria/Metrics Approach that allows it to fit into most of current measurement definitions and criteria. The framework and the sample application have made an important step towards the goal of higher maturity of CMMI which uses Measurement and Analysis as an independent process area.

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