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A good walk spoiled by technology?

I cant say I am a big fan of golf, my pleasure comes from competitors with bigger balls but even I might feel sorry for the players if one vision takes off.

The Wood & Douglas aim is that when you step onto the golf course of the future there is no slow play and every hit of the ball is fed live to screens for those in the in the club house to watch as a round develops.
The company's Course Management Unit (CMU) uses radio communications, GPS tracking, web based reporting and digital screens to track and monitor players on the course.  
Golfers using the CMU would carry a small wireless token, no larger than a key fob, providing location updates of players, buggies or staff on the course. The CMU can track course movements and provide an individual golfer with full statistics for their round. The information on play is beamed live from the course to the web, displaying the data on any Internet connected screen.
Wood and Douglas says the addresses issues arising from slow play and course congestion – I thought that was one of the perks, time for a quick cigarette or sly snifter from a hip flask?

It should allow you to plan your visit to the course when occupancy is low and reduces delayed starts and enables Shotgun start alerts. For the more competitve player it will provide accurate real time ‘longest drive’ & ‘nearest the pin’ measurements.

For those looking for an excuse to avoid exercise it provides relevant real time weather reports and in order to reduce the regulars competitive edge it  supplies information for new or guest players who are unfamiliar with a course.

For the pro shop, the CMU tracks individual golfer play time allowing management to plan course occupancy, buggy use and provide meals for players at the best time. On the downside it will addresses rules infringements and improves marshalling.

The CMU operates across a choice of two platforms, an introductory system configured with mobile (GSM) and location (GPS) technology for individual competitions and a low volume of users. For lower cost, regular use installations, the GSM technology is replaced by a system based on shortwave radio networks.
Wood & Douglas provides the course survey and unobtrusively installs the necessary radio base station into the course. Once installed, data from a course is processed via the companies servers to provide enhanced display to club management and members.

You cannot help but think that Mark Twain would be appalled.

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