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A pair of big-time announcements at ESC


I don't have official confirmation yet, but one look at the description for Microsoft's Industry Address at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley gives away what's been one of the worst-kept secrets in the embedded space.

Kevin Dallas, General Manager for Windows Embedded at Microsoft, will officially unveil Windows Embedded Standard 7. In his address, Dallas will detail how developers can build rich user experiences on Windows 7 based devices.

Microsoft has done a good job in the embedded space by making use of the technologies the company develops for the desktop. But this time, they're right on the heels of their desktop counterparts, with the introduction of Windows Embedded Standard based on Windows 7 technology. The desktop version of the OS was released less than a year ago.

The Windows 7 version of the embedded OS will make it easier for embedded developers to port all the peripherals, drivers, tools, etc. I'm told that during the Industry Address, Dallas will demonstrate some consumer and enterprise devices that are built on the new release. In addition, he will provide details of the company's product roadmap for the embedded market.

The second announcement requires a little more speculation on my part. Xilinx has announced that they are holding a press conference at ESC with ARM. I wonder what that's all about. My guess is that they're finally going to tell us that they've integrated an ARM core into their FPGA. But which ARM core? Which FPGA family? What are the details? Knowing Xilinx, it'll likely be positioned at the high end, thereby not competing with people like Actel, who recently announced an FPGA based on ARM's M3 core (note: Actel is sponsoring a debate at ESC where the topic is embedded vs. discrete processing).

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