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A Real-Time control system using Linux RTAI and Matlab/RTW

In this paper, Linux-RTAI and Matlab/RTW is used to develop real-time control system for fast real-time simulation and implementation of the control algorithm.

The hardware of the controller is based on PC/104 cards under Linux-RTAI operating system. The main characteristic of Matlab/RTW is that it can automatically generate the real-time simulation code for many target processors.

The combination of Linux-RTAI as a controller platform and Matlab/RTW as control algorithm development environment brings the two main advantages: hard real-time capability and reduced time for control development.

Moreover, online signal monitor and parameter modification is realized on the whole structure system. At last, the minimum execution time of real-time control task is determined and the application of real-time control system into flight vehicle is achieved in the work.

Compared to the commercially available real-time OSs, The RTAIs performance is very competitive with the best commercial RTOSs. RTAI is open source and free under the terms of the GNU. So all needed software can be freely downloaded on the web during the building of the real-time control system.

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