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A sneak peak tutorial on C++14 at ESC/EELive!


Get a preview of new and upcoming features in C++ and become a better programmer by taking advantage of a rare training opportunity with two C++ legends, Bjarne Soustrup and Herb Sutter, at EE Live! They will take a deep dive into the advances (and the implications) in the programming language they designed and shaped.

On March 31 and April 1, the legendary duo will present the Super C++ Tutorial in San Jose, Calif.

Soustrup — a distinguished professor and the College of Engineering Chair in Computer Science at Texas A&M University — is the designer and original implementer of C++. His publications include Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++  and The C++ Programming Language. Sutter — a software architect and one of the Visual C++ heads at Microsoft — is the author of “The Free Lunch Is Over” and other articles.

Soustrup told EE Times that, despite frequent invitations to appear together, he and Sutter typically share the stage only once every two or three years. He also said so much is happening today in C++ that it is important for them to share their insight, interact with attendees, and answer questions.

Their code-heavy, example-driven teaching style brings the content alive in a way that helps attendees quickly grasp the practical application of the concepts. “We complement each other in both style and interests, and our goal is to give the the attendees a unique and useful perspective. You can pick up facts from manuals and web blogs and things like that, but the perspective is hard to get,” Soustrup said. “We'll provide an overall view of what's going on and why.”

Sutter told us the C++14 standard will be released this year. There's more demand for and more use of C++, and people want to know how to use its features. In addition, he and Soustrup want to debunk common myths about the language. “C++ is a growing, evolving language. One misconception is that it's a static language. Another is that people think it's the C++ they saw maybe 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 15 years ago.”

The two speakers will dig deep into C++, including an overview of standardization; generic programming and concepts; C++11/14 style; the essence of C++; C++ concurrency; and expert tips on making simple things simple.

“We can tell you not just what but why and give you that context of what the design features are. A super tutorial like this allows programmers to get their questions answered by experts,” Sutter said. “There are a lot of things coming in the next year, year and a half that we are in the middle of finalizing. You can already use them, or they are coming very soon — some as soon as next year — and that gives people a sense that this is an evolving and growing language and library.”

That's not to say the tutorial is meant exclusively for C++ experts. In fact, it is designed to be accessible to people of all skill levels, Sutter said. It will include lots of examples and interaction between the audience and instructors.

“There will be lots of really experienced and really advanced C++ users. When we have done this before, one of the really amazing things we've experienced is that there is a huge collective expertise the audience brings,” said Soustrup. “This is not a course where you walk through code, comma for comma, token for token, to explain what's going on. They will actually bounce off each other, and interesting things will happen. There are people with far less experience who want to see what is going on. They will get something slightly different from the experts.”

You can sign up for the two-day tutorial here. Space is limited, and it could be another three years before these two appear together on stage again.

(To read more on C++'s new features and what else Bjarne Soustrup and Herb Sutter will be duscussing in their C++ tutorial  at ESC/EELive! go to “Updating your C++ skills.” )

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