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A tale of two design sites

Some of you will undoubtedly be reading this while attending the ESC/DESIGN West event or in the lead up to it. For those not fortunate to be joining us in San Jose in the last week of March, I would like to highlight what we'll be providing through the event website www.ubmdesign.com.

As well as all the information required for people to plan a conference visit, we'll be updating news from the show via the Breaking News tab on www.ubmdesign.com (or directly here: www.ubmdesign.com/breaking-news ).

Click here for more content from ESD April 2012.

What's more exciting is that you'll be able to access several areas on the site aimed at extending the life of content from the shows and well as providing two-way interaction. One such section is the forum-like Topic Zone (www.ubmdesign.com/topiczone ), which will provide discussion areas on:

Analog/mixed signal
Development tools
Low power
Test and measurement

This is part of our goal to provide a continuing educational experience and community resource year-round. The web site will provide intelligent, personalized content in real-time including white papers, webinars, videos, special offers, and collateral. The intelligent content functionality not only delivers targeted subject matter content but also dynamically monitors your reactions and engagement patterns in able to recommend additional, meaningful content. The application is platform agnostic and available to work on tablet and desktop devices.

In parallel over the coming months, we'll be looking to upgrade and enhance our sister website, Embedded.com . This site has long been regarded as the must-visit location for many people involved in the embedded sector worldwide. I'm extremely keen to receive feedback from existing and potential readers on what you would like to see from Embedded.com –let me know what we do well, the content you like and would like to see expanded, but more importantly where we could improve our service to you.

The design of embedded systems is continually evolving and we want Embedded.com to reflect that while making sure we don't “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and discard anything you find useful and rely on to help you to implement your designs. What else would be useful to you–more code for download, detailed descriptions of development kits? What else should we add that could make you more efficient?

I look forward to receiving comments from as many of you as possible. In the meantime, live at ESC and later in April we'll be doing a webinar on the results of our annual Embedded Market Survey–keep an eye on Embedded.com and its newsletter for an update on the date.

–Colin Holland

Colin Holland is the editorial content director for Embedded.com, ESD magazine, and the Embedded Systems Conference/DESIGN conferences. You may reach him at .

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