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A taxonomy for embedded system energy management


Embedded systems (ES) are computer systems that are integrated in another systems. Their purpose is to control these systems and to provide information important for the system functions.

ES are highly interactive with their environment, are performing often in real-time, and are continuously available. ES make the vast majority of computer systems (99,99% of computer nodes belong to the category of embedded systems.

In addition to their functional specifics, ES are characterized by specific extra-functional properties and constraints: dependability, realtime and resources.

This paper provides a taxonomy for energy concerns in ES development. The primary focus is on extra-functional properties in ES design, such as:

1. Which extra-functional properties mostly are considered in ES development?” and,
2. What is the relationship between the identified extrafunctional properties?.

(To read this external content in full, download the paper from the author archives at Marlardalen University. )

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