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AAEON : COM Express CPU is taitorable to specific needs


To accommodate fast growing marketing segments, AAEON has developed a brand new COM Express CPU module, the NanoCOM-U15 and its accompanying carrier board-ECB-951D. The NanoCOM-U15 adopts Intel® Atom™ Z530/Z510 processor and Intel® System Controller Hub US15W chipset, offering high speed PCI-Express bus interface and serial ATA for your high performance applications requiring fast performance and greater stability. This COM Express CPU module offers flexibility and time-to-market advantages over a fully customized platform.

AAEON’s NanoCOM-U15 supports up to 24-bit single channel LVDS panel with a maximum resolution of 1366×768. The module can also support SDVO video to a video of 1280×1024. The onboard video can share system memory up to 256MB. The NanoCOM-U15 has onboard DDRII system memory to guard against vibration and memory component incompatibility. The module could be ordered with 512MB or 1GB of onboard system memory. A high definition audio interface is available to connect to an audio codec on the carrier board. Moreover, one onboard PATA SSD (Master Device) and one SATAII interface are featured giving the user flexibility in storage choices. Eight USB 2.0 ports can also be supported to allow flexibility in the use of external devices and peripherals. The small size of the NanoCOM-U15 (3.31” x 2.17”) and low power performance of the Atom make the module a perfect fit for portable and mobile embedded solutions.

To satisfy the requirements of leading-edge applications in gaming, entertainment, industrial automation, medical and POS, COM Express carrier boards can be designed with features and technologies specifically targeting the needs of varying market segments. AAEON can design your COM Express carrier board to meet your specific project requirements using our design services. These services allow AAEON’s customers’ to minimize their own development resources while tailoring a carrier board solution that will be completely compatible with the Nano-COM-U15 and AAEON’s other COM-Express offerings. For more product information, please go to www.aaeon.com or contact AAEON regional sales for further assistance.


AAEON Technology (TAIEX: 2463), established in 1992, manufactures and markets a wide range of OEM/ODM Industrial PCs all over the world. Our commitment to our customers is to provide reliable and high quality Embedded SBCs, Operator Panels, Panel PCs, Medical PCs, Embedded Controllers, Industrial Slot PCs, PC/104 modules, Full-size CPU cards, Half-size CPU Cards and related accessories.

By maintaining ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications since 1994 and 1996 respectively, AAEON ensures the commitment to delivering products of the highest quality. Becoming a publicly traded company in 2001, AAEON has demonstrated the sound fiscal policies required for good investment opportunities. AAEON continues to earn numerous citations for its remarkable contribution to the industry, including four years of Symbol of Excellence Awards and the country’s Eighth Annual Outstanding Business Award. In 2003, AAEON introduced TL9000 certification to further expand their commitment to quality.

AAEON has well established, strategically positioned branches worldwide including America, the Netherlands, China and Singapore.

AAEON is a General Member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance: A community of embedded and communications developers and solution providers.

For more information, please visit www.aaeon.com.

Main Features

# Onboard Intel® Atom™ Z530/Z510 Processor
# Intel® System Controller Hub US15W
# Onboard DDRII 533 Memory Chip, Max. 1GB
# Gigabit Ethernet
# Up to 24-bit LVDS LCD, SDVO Connector x 1
# High Defi nition Audio Interface
# PATA SSD (Up to 4GB) x 1, SATA II x 1
# USB2.0 x 8
# PCI-Express [x1] x 1
# Wide DC Input Range, +4.75V to +14.7V
# COM Express Pin-out Type I
# Nano Module Size, 84mm x 55mm

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