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Abacus Polar and Proven Software sign MoU


LONDON — Proven Software Solutions, an independent broker for embedded software, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with distributor, Abacus Polar, to create the Abacus Systems Solutions Framework.

The Systems Solutions Framework is designed to bring together all the elements needed to enable Abacus’ customers to develop more highly differentiated products faster and at a lower cost, targeting specific architectures and application areas.

The Systems Solutions Framework will provide a repository of proven embedded software, targeting Abacus’ principal silicon franchises. Proven Software Solutions will create and maintain the repository, which will be made available under licence to Abacus’ customers through the Systems Solutions Framework.

Glenn Jarrett, Marketing Director at Abacus Polar, “We are very aware of the concerns our customers have about software development and believe that our Systems Solutions Framework will provide significant technical and commercial benefits. This enables us to offer customers a way of reducing the engineering overhead associated with embedded software designs.”

The repository of software will be sourced both from Abacus’ customers and principals as well as other third-party companies and productised for reuse by Proven Software Solutions using technologies and methodologies specifically developed for the purpose. Productisation should require only minimal effort from software suppliers and enables them to enjoy a return on their R&D investment, a cost that otherwise could only be amortised against end-product profit margins.

Through licensing software, Abacus’ customers will benefit from a reduced development cycle and lower development costs and risk.

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