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Abatron adds on-chip debugging support for AppliedMicro APM86290

Abatron AG has announced support for the new APM86xxx processor family from AppliedMicro. Enhanced on-chip debugging and control of these chips are supported by the complete BDI family (BDI1000, BDI2000 and BDI3000)and their associated applications for development and production. The BDI high-quality and high-speed JTAG debug interfaces offer a wide range of solutions for debugging and programming embedded hardware and software as well as for production purposes.

The AppliedMicro APM86xxx architecture, which includes the APM86290 dual-core and APM86190 singlecore processors, provides the foundation for a new generation of flexible processing nodes required to satisfy the demands of intelligent all-IP networks and pervasive computing applications such as printing and imaging. The APM86xxx architecture provides a platform whose components can perform various functions that operate today as single/multiple CPUs, ASICs, and/or FPGAs, for performance and power-sensitive applications.

AppliedMicro's Mamba APM86190 single-core devices and APM86290 dual-core processors feature up to two 1.5GHz PowerPC 465 processing cores with floating point units, 32 KB I- and 32KB D-cache, 256 KB L2 cache per processor, hardware cache coherency, 1600 Mbps DDR3 memory controller with optional ECC. High-speed interfaces consist of two GE ports with classification and TCP/IP offload, one x4 PCI-Express(R) Gen2, two x1 PCI-e Gen 2 ports, two USB 2.0 hosts with integrated PHYs, one USB 2.0 OTG with integrated PHY and two SATA 2.0 ports.

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