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AbsInt announces Phaedrus Systems as UK distributor

AbsInt provides cutting-edge development tools for embedded systems with a focus on validation, verification, and certification of safety-critical software.  Phaedrus Systems supports engineers at all stages of embedded safety-critical and high-integrity projects.

The Key AbsInt tools listed below will ensure reliable and robust software that usually means less expensive and faster development cycles.

•            Astrée is a static program analyzer that proves the absence of run-time errors and data races in safety-critical C code (e.g. division by zero, out-of-bounds array accesses, erroneous pointer manipulation, arithmetic overflows).

•            RuleChecker checks compliance to coding standards, such as MISRA C and C++.

•            CompCert is a formally verified optimizing C compiler. The level of confidence in the correctness of the compilation process is unprecedented and helps meet the highest standards of software assurance.

•            StackAnalyzer determines the worst-case stack usage of the tasks in your application and can formally prove the absence of stack overflows.

•            aiT statically computes tight upper bounds for the worst-case execution time of tasks in real-time systems. The bounds are guaranteed to hold for every possible execution scenario. aiT directly analyzes binary executables and takes the intrinsic cache and pipeline behavior into account.

•            TimingProfiler computes execution time estimates of programs without the need to repeatedly provide test inputs, execute, and measure. It is based on AbsInts award-winning static WCET analysis technology and is ideally suited for constantly monitoring timing behavior during software development.

•            TimeWeaver is a new analysis tool to bound the worst-case execution time (WCET) by combining static path analysis and static value analysis with real-time instruction-level tracing. This approach works for a wide range of modern high-performance (multi-core) processors.

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