Acceed extends software services for IIoT projects -

Acceed extends software services for IIoT projects

In particular with project-specific software development, Acceed considerably extends its activities in the customer service area. With the new focus on project-specific software development, primarily system availability and readiness for use should be significantly speed-up for the customer without burdening resources on the customer side at the same time. In addition to the compatibility of data protocols and interfaces, software selection and configuration is highly significant for the interaction of individual components in intelligent industrial networks. Put simply, finally the software decides when and how which data leads to which actions. Phrased differently: the intelligence for interactive component communication in the world of Industry 4.0 arises via intelligent programming. As a distributor, Acceed already pays attention to the best possible mutual benefits and optimum interplay with regard to the expected functions when selecting the hardware it offers. Here, it by no means needs to be components from one specific manufacturer which best contribute to the solution; Acceed takes advantage of its status as a distributor for various manufacturers in order to combine the leading developments in the respective area concerned. Under this aspect, the Acceed experts are also available to advise you and are now strengthening their offer for software development and software-supported system and system components configuration. In the easiest case, device-specific snippets can be provided for integration in existing communication structures.

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