Accelerated and Mentor 'to blend' -

Accelerated and Mentor ‘to blend’


Accelerated Technology (ATI), which has become the Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics, is committed to working with Mentor's existing VRTX and XRAY product lines alongside its present Nucleus software and code|lab Embedded Developer Suite.

The company has denied any product line will be eliminated or phased out. In fact, company officials have planned to implement Mentor's products into their own product line and strategic product marketing campaign. Because the product lines serve different needs and varying markets, Accelerated Technology believes that the combined product offering will allow them to provide a customized solution to all embedded developers worldwide.

Neil Henderson, general manager of the Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division and previously president of Accelerated, said, “VRTX and XRAY have a long history of providing capabilities for embedded developers. Thousands of designs have used these products and are using them today. Even though we have our own existing technology, we realize that it is of utmost importance for us to continue to maintain these products and support the customers that are using them.”

Henderson explained, “A primary differentiator between Accelerated Technology and our competition is our constant and consistent attention to technical support of our products. I would find it unconscionable to limit this capability in any way. Customers of Mentor's embedded systems products and AT's Nucleus products can be assured that the support will continue.”

The acquisition allows ATI to focus newly obtained resources on their existing product lines. Henderson continued, “It would not have made sense for Mentor Graphics to acquire us and lose customers. Mentor's intent with this acquisition is to expand its embedded software opportunities, not constrict them.”

Dr. Walden C. Rhines, chairman and CEO for Mentor Graphics said, “In order to successfully integrate IC development into full system design, embedded software and hardware EDA providers need to work together to provide software development that is staged early in the IC design flow.”

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) April 2002

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