ACE opens CoSy compiler interfaces -

ACE opens CoSy compiler interfaces

In keeping with its commitment to provide a complete solution to compiler developers, Amsterdam-based Associated Compiler Experts (ACE) is offering its DWARF extensions for DSP-C debugging to the public free of charge.

ACE has been instrumental in the development of some popular DSP extensions to the C language used in the embedded market, and has proposed the extensions to the International Standards Organization (ISO) for inclusion in the next release of the standard.

The success of CoSy as a DSP compiler development platform has led to CoSy integration with popular tool chains, with several other tool vendors interested in adapting to the defined interfaces.

ACE's DWARF extensions for DSP-C were defined jointly by ACE and their customers to provide a standardized interface for DSP application debugging information. By making these extensions public, other tool vendors can integrate their DSP-C products, such as debuggers and compilers, while maintaining the interoperability of the tools to benefit both tool and application developers.

Mentor Graphics recently announced the integration of the XRAY Debugger with the CoSy system from ACE. ACE participates as a Certified Technology Provider (CTP) in the Mentor Graphics Embedded Technology Adoption Program (ETAP). The integration enables DSP users to debug applications efficiently, including those developed with DSP-C. Mentor used the DWARF specification to interface the DSP features of its leading-edge XRAY Debugger with the ACE solutions.

Adelante Technologies and Siroyan are two companies in the CoSy network supporting the DWARF extensions for DSP-C.

Adelante Technologies developed Saturn, which has a flexible architecture and is aimed at the wireless and multimedia markets. Siroyan has designed an innovative VLIW-based Scalable Integrated Processor architecture – codenamed OPUS – that combines RISC and DSP elements, making it ideal for such demanding consumer-orientated applications as next-generation 3G mobile and internet connectivity, digital TV and digital video broadcasting.

“ACE long ago recognized the need for high-level language support for DSP developers and ACE's DSP-C extensions have become the standard in the industry,” said Rob Woudsma, chief technical officer for Adelante Technologies. “Making the debugging interfaces public as well is of benefit to the DSP industry.”

“The integration with ACE allows us to provide our joint customer base with a development system that is unrivaled in the industry,” said Robert Day, director of marketing for the Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division. “DSP architectures are particularly complex with extremely short development cycles. We expect that the work we do with ACE will provide significant benefits to our customers.”

“ACE's commitment to providing the best compiler development system for our customers extends to technology partnerships with key tool developers. By integrating with tools critical to the development process, our customers gain significant time-to-market and cost advantages, as well as quality,” said Marco Roodzant, vice president of marketing and sales for ACE.

“By offering the DWARF extensions for DSP-C to the developers market, we enable our customers to more easily integrate and customize their environment for the most productive and efficient use of their resources. ACE has always been an innovator ahead of its time, and we're pleased to support the growth of the embedded market by these actions.”

The ACE extensions to DWARF will became available in March. CoSy is currently available for Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and also supports Windows platforms. CoSy also accommodates a range of programming languages including C, DSP-C, C++, Fortran and Java.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) April 2002

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