ACE supports Embedded C extensions -

ACE supports Embedded C extensions


LONDON — The latest release of the CoSy compiler development system from Associated compiler Experts (ACE) provides support for the ISO/IEC Embedded C language extensions.

ACE (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) has also added a range of enhancements that further streamline the rapid construction of highly optimizing compilers for embedded processor architectures.

Officially approved by the ISO/IEC Technical Committee in early 2004, TR 18037 Programming Languages – C – Extensions to support Embedded Processors specifies fixed point arithmetic, named address spaces, named-register storage classes and basic I/O hardware addressing support in the C programming language.

Embedded C provides programmers of embedded systems with the appropriate handles to address specific hardware features in a standardized portable C-programming language. Conformant compilers translate the Embedded C sources into highly optimized code, taking full benefit of the target processor’s capabilities, thereby removing the need for non-portable DSP assembly-code and chip- or vendor-specific intrinsic functions.

The Embedded C language package in CoSy Release 2005 provides front-end support for the Embedded C language extensions as well as the runtime libraries and intrinsic function libraries that are necessary to create Embedded C compilers.

CoSy Release 2005 is available for PC/Linux and Sun/Solaris platforms. Packages include CoSy base, DSP-C, Embedded C, C++, Advanced optimizations, CoSy Express Generator, ARM CG, Pentium CG and SPARC CG.

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