ACW wins target locator board contract -

ACW wins target locator board contract


LONDON — ACW Technology Ltd. (Southampton, Engalnd) has won a contract from Thales U.K. to supply fully tested printed circuit boards assemblies for a target locator system, known as Surveillance System and Range Finder (SSARF), for the U.K.'s front line forces.

Thales won the £30million contract from the U.K. Ministry of Defence to supply the latest version of its joint-target acquisition system (J-TAS) to meet the MoD’s SSARF requirement.

ACW has helped develop and produce four separate pc boards, which will form part of the SSARF product, to be built at Thales' optronics facility in Glasgow. The SSARF pc boards will be made at ACW Technology's Wales factory in Tonypandy, South Wales.

SSARF provides a hand held target locator and surveillance equipment, with built in thermal imaging, GPS and laser range finder. The SSARF programme will deliver around 700 hand held/tripod mounted systems to enable dismounted close combat forces to conduct surveillance and target acquisition by day and night, 24 hours a day.

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