Ad-hoc wireless net beats Bluetooth -

Ad-hoc wireless net beats Bluetooth

WiNet Labs, in cooperation with China’s Tsinghua University, has unveiled an ad-hoc wireless network solution called iNet. By combining multi-to-multi point, multi-hop and multi-frequency functionality, the iNet protocol improves upon available wireless network technology in a wide range of applications. Its multi-to-multi point and multi-frequency functions enable iNet to achieve higher transfer rates than conventional wireless solutions, while its multi-hop abilities allow it to extend far beyond traditional wireless network ranges.

The iNet protocol also works on open platform radio chipset technology which consumes less power than current closed platform solutions used in protocols like Bluetooth, and it features a flexible wireless platform that allows it to integrate a variety of electronic devices into a single application.

WiNet Labs intends to market iNet as an upgrade or replacement technology for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The technology will be marketed to application design houses, manufacturers, and branding companies in North America, Asia, and Europe. For further information, visit

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