Ada development kit aims at Windows platforms -

Ada development kit aims at Windows platforms


Birmingham, UK—ObjectAda 8.2 for Windows, which melds the latest Windows improvements and an Ada 95 compiler, includes an interface for calling Java programs from an Ada program and is compatible with Eclipse-based development environments.

The Windows improvements include faster linking times and full compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 development tools. In addition, ObjectAda 8.2 for Windows includes comprehensive Ada binding libraries for calling Win32 and Visual C++ from application source code written in Ada. The library is fully compatible with Visual Studio .Net 2003 tools and libraries.

AdaJNI is the interface for calling Java programs from Ada and AdaNav, a tool set that includes HTML source-navigation capabilities, call- and unit-tree graphical reporting, and automatic data dictionary generation. Also, an AdaNav profiler reports run-time performance to flag application hot spots.

ObjectAda 8.2 for Windows lets you choose between the conventional Aonix IDE and the new AonixADT plug-in. The latter incorporates Ada-project awareness, an Ada-sensitive editor, Ada compile and build capabilities, and a complete debugger interface.

ObjectAda 8.2 for Windows, available now for Windows 2000 and XP platforms, carries a starting price of $1,495.

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