Ada development tools help keep bugs at bay -

Ada development tools help keep bugs at bay

Boston—ObjectAda 8.2 for Linux, an Eclipse-based environment from Aonix for developing mission critical software, features a number of enhancements, in particular the ability to apply its symbolic debugger to a running Ada application. The benefit is the ability find and fix programming errors that emerge only after the test and debugging phase.

ObjectAda 8.2 for Linux comes with both a graphical and command-line interface, language-sensitive editor, and lightweight source-based library model. Tuned for fast compilation, the product's compilation system includes an editor, source code browser, compiler, debugger, and full library manager.

This latest release of ObjectAda for Linux is also the first to let you choose between the conventional Aonix IDE and the recently unveiled AonixADT Eclipse plug-in, which incorporates Ada-project awareness, a language-sensitive editor, compile and build capabilities, and a complete debugger interface.

ObjectAda 8.2 for Linux is available now for Version 4 of Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora Core. License fees start at $5,000.

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