AdaCore releases GNAT Pro 7.2 with more ARM support -

AdaCore releases GNAT Pro 7.2 with more ARM support

Adacore has just made available a new major update of its GNAT Pro 7.2 Ada development environment with more than 120 major and minor new features, many based on user suggestions.

“With so many new features and tools in GNAT Pro 7.2, it’s difficult to choose which to highlight,” said Cyrille Comar, AdaCore EU Managing Director. “I’ll pick the new, extremely efficient distributed build capability.

“Its first industrial user reported that the build time for its complete multi-million SLOC application went down from two hours to five minutes on a Linux farm with dozens of machines. This opens the door to a new level of agility in the development of such massive applications.”

In addition, he said, this latest GNAT Pro tool suite includes several new tools, is available on additional platforms, implements the Ada 2012 language standard by default, and extends its coverage of ARM configurations.

The 7.2 release adds support for Wind River’s VxWorks Cert and LynuxWorks’ LynxOS-178 Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). It also extends GNAT Pro’s ARM support to now include Android, generic Linux on ARM, Bareboard ARM, and Wind River’s VxWorks 6 on ARM.

GNAT Pro 7.2 comes with the GPS (GNAT Programming Studio) 6.0 Integrated Development Environment, providing developers with more space for editing and a number of design improvements that bring program-related information within easy reach.

To make code navigation more efficient, said Comar, the new release is supported by a new relational database at the heart of the GPS engine. It also includes a new version of GNATbench, the Eclipse plug-in. GNATbench 2.8 provides improved support for Wind River’s WorkBench, a new source navigation engine, and improved support for the CodePeer static analysis tool.

Comar said GNAT Pro 7.2 includes several new tools, including GNAT2XML, which generates XML files from Ada sources and helps developers write Ada analysis tools in any language.

Enhancements to existing tools include a new version of GNATpp (pretty printer) with improved Ada layout, and an enhanced GPRbuild multi-purpose builder that offers greater flexibility and support of both distributed and parallel builds.

Other new features of GNAT Pro 7.2 include new warnings and improved diagnostics, code generation optimizations, support for symbolic traceback in shared libraries, and improved cross Ada/C++ exception handling.

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