AdaCore releases suite of reusable software components, utilities -

AdaCore releases suite of reusable software components, utilities


New York, N.Y. — AdaCore has released the GNAT Component Collection, a suite of reusable software components and utilities. This collection has been used by AdaCore in developing the GNAT Pro tool set, the GPS Integrated Development Environment, and the GNAT Tracker web-based customer interface, and is now available to GNAT Pro customers.

The GNAT Component Collection includes the following:

  • Software that allows integration with scripting languages such as python
  • Database interfaces for APIs such as postgresql, mysql, and sqlite
  • Ada packages supplying a variety of services such as module tracing, efficient file IO, efficient static string searching (Boyer-Moore algorithm), e-mail and mailbox manipulation, ravenscar tasking pattern examples and various predefined storage pool utilities

Pricing: GNAT Pro subscriptions start at $14,000.
Availability: Immediately available to all AdaCore GNAT Pro customers as part of the standard GNAT Pro subscription.
Product information: GNAT Pro

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