Adaptable rear shaft for Astrosyn high torque stepper motors -

Adaptable rear shaft for Astrosyn high torque stepper motors

CAMBRIDGE, UK — High torque stepper motors from Astrosyn International Technology are now available with an adaptable rear shaft which can be fitted with an accessory such as a brake or encoder.

“Conventional double shaft designs lack the flexibility of the L280RE, since their rear shaft is frequently the wrong diameter for the required accessory,” explains Astrosyn sales director David Melder. “And stepper motors can't be dismantled for machining, since they would then need to be remagnetised.”

The Nema size 34 stepper motors offer high torque outputs of up to 10 Nm. This is achieved through extended length rotor stacks and the use of rare earth materials for the rotor magnets.

Oversized precision bearings can handle high axial loads, stack lengths range from 96mm to 142mm for the most powerful units. The 12mm diameter shaft comes with a 4mm wide key-way.

Brakes are frequently added to the z-axis motor of three-axis machines as a fail-safe to prevent the load from falling back in the event of a power failure. They are also incorporated where a fixed position is required in part of a duty cycle.

Brakes or encoders can be held in position on the L280RE via four M3.3 mounting holes on the rear flange.

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