Adesto releases predictive energy analytics for smart buildings -

Adesto releases predictive energy analytics for smart buildings

Adesto Technologies announced it is enabling smarter buildings through insights into energy management and other operational data through services running on the IBM Watson IoT platform. Adesto, through its recent acquisition of Echelon Corporation, has been selling its Open Embedded IoT Platform into the building automation and energy management industry for over two decades. Adesto’s SmartServer IoT edge server platform features built-in device and data management for sensors, meters, actuators and controllers in buildings, through various emerging and traditional protocols including BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, and others.

The IBM Watson IoT Platform is a managed, cloud-hosted service designed to make it simple to derive value from IoT devices. It enables organizations to capture and explore data for devices, equipment, and machines, and discover insights that can drive better decision-making. IBM Tririga Building Insights is built on the Watson IoT Platform and uses AI analytics to surface building inefficiencies without the need for dedicated data scientists. The powerful capabilities of the IBM Watson IoT platform combined with the seamless connectivity of rich data from Adesto’s SmartServer IoT can provide facility managers with deep insights into energy consumption and other operational aspects of a building.

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  1. “Hearing the buzz about all of this technology and the possible impact on various industries and processes is really quite invigorating. Honestly speaking, we are only brushing the tip of the iceberg right now where people are talking about the major appli

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  2. “It won't be long before we would be able to witness almost every building in the concrete jungle that we frequent today be turned into a smart building. There might even be no longer a need for card access for workplaces but instead just a retina scan or

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