ADI readies low priced SHARC DSP derivatives -

ADI readies low priced SHARC DSP derivatives


Norwood, MA &#151 Hoping to tap cost sensitive applications for its SHARC floating point DSP family, Analog Devices is readying two spinoffs of its ADSP-2136x, to be priced as low as $5 in high volumes. Targeted mass volume applications include automotive, audio/video, industrial, and medical products.

Slated for sampling in the second quarter of next year will be the new ADSP-21375 a device that boasts a maximum clock frequency of 266 MHz with a 1596 peak MFLOPS spec. The 21375 will be a derivative of the ADSP-21369, a 2400 MFLOPS part that’s now being sampled for as low as $17.07.

Other notable differences between the two units will be the amount of on-chip RAM and ROM, the operating temperature range and the external memory interface. The new 21375 will pack 0.5Mbit of SRAM compared with 2 Mbits that’s on the 21369; 2 Mbits of ROM on the upcoming unit, compared with 6 Mbits; a 16-bit external memory interface compared with 32/16-bit interface. The new unit will operate from 0 to 70 degrees C while the 21369 is spec’d from –40C to +85C. While the current device offers the SPDIF digital audio interface, the 21375 will not have it.

Details of the 21375 can be seen in the block diagram below.

 See related image

On tap for late next year will be another derivative to be called the ADSP-21371. This unit will offer price and performance that will be spec’d between the other two devices. For example, the 21371 will be a 1998 peak MFLOPS device with a maximum clock spec of 333 MHz. It will embed 1 Mbit of SRAM and 4 Mbits of ROM. It will offer both the 16- and 32-bit external memory interface and will have SPDIF interface. It will operate over the wider –40 to +85C C temperature range. Price will be $12.95 in high volumes.

For ease of compatibility, all three devices will come in a 208-pin mini QFP (quad flat pack). The 21371 and the 21369 are also in a 256 pin BGA (ball grid array) package.

According to ADI all three devices will be supported by similar development. Available tools include the CROSSCORE family, which encompasses the VisualDSP++ integrated software development environment and EZ-KIT Lite evaluation systems and emulators for rapid on-chip debugging.

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