ADI rolls voice-enabled network processor -

ADI rolls voice-enabled network processor

WAYNE, N.J. –Analog Devices unveiled a network processor Monday (May 24) that combines packet, voice, firewall, and security processing in a single package, a chip that ADI says will deliver smaller footprint to multi-service and gateway system designs.

There's a clear push in the carrier community for the development of residential gateway systems that support VoIP and data capabilities as well as security technology like firewall. Through the development of the Blackfin Fusiv family, ADI is making is easier for designers to realize these residential gateway design goals.

The first device in the Fusiv family, subbed the Fusiv-Vx 200, is developed around ADI's ADSP-2100 digital signal processor core, which is used on chip for processing VoIP streams. The chip also comes equipped with a security block that can handle AES, DES, SHA-1, and MD5 processing.

To compliment the security and DSP blocks, Fusiv processor provides three Ethernet media access control blocks that have accelerator blocks attached for packet processing. The chip also provides a USB, PCI, and a peripheral bus as well as a control engine and SDRAM controller.

The Fusiv-Vx 200 is in production today and is priced at $40 in 10,000-unit quantities.

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