ADLINK demonstrates Fog Computing at embedded world -

ADLINK demonstrates Fog Computing at embedded world

ADLINK will demonstrate Fog Computing at Embedded World 2018. ADLINK believes this will be the first demonstration of true Fog Computing, i.e. including not only device monitoring, but also the management of the orchestration of embedded device…all at the Edge. 

This demonstration is based on ADLINK’s prototype (and open source) Fog Computing platform that provides the end-to-end virtualization of compute, storage and communication resources from Cloud services to connected embedded devices. ADLINK will also demonstrate its implementation of SGeT’s Universal IoT Connector (UIC) specification as a plug-in to the fog05 platform. Together, fog05 and SGeT/UIC go well beyond providing standard device connectivity to bring true Fog Computing to embedded computing. These initiatives are just one more example of ADLINK ‘Leading EDGE COMPUTING’.           

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