ADLINK to optimize AI with heterogeneous computing at the Edge -

ADLINK to optimize AI with heterogeneous computing at the Edge

ADLINK Technology is delivering heterogeneous computing platforms optimized for artificial intelligence at the Edge to quickly turn data into action at the point of generation. ADLINK has been developing AI products in collaboration with chipmakers NVIDIA and Intel and has formulated a hardware optimization strategy to help system architects address performance, size, weight, and power requirements for Edge Computing systems. The company invites attendees of the upcoming Embedded World 2019 to explore ADLINK’s demonstrations of Edge AI applications.

ADLINK’s heterogeneous computing platforms integrate more than one kind of processor or core to process complex images and data and real-time AI for embedded applications including:

  • Industrial Imaging: Multiple, high-resolution displays required for air traffic control, electronic chart displays and information systems (ECDIS), video walls, digital signage, gaming, and healthcare.
  • Parallel Computing: High-performance application processing for radar/ sonar systems in military and aerospace, ultrasound imaging in healthcare, and accelerated multi-access Edge Computing (AMEC) in telecom.
  • AI Engines: AI training and inferencing in smart manufacturing, smart city, telecom, defense, and transportation.

A series of AI applications at the Edge will be demonstrated at ADLINK’s stand including: an automated optical inspection (AOI) application, an automated meter reading system equipped with the deep learning accelerator, a wood inspection application and AI-accelerated frame grabbers PCIe-GIEIMX and PCIe-GIENVQ will detect cracked candies and read deformed labels.

ADLINK heterogeneous computing platforms consist of GPU- and VPU-accelerated board-, system-, and server-level products, enabling system architects to construct and optimize system architecture for both AI inferencing and training applications. With intelligence moving to the Edge, ADLINK heterogeneous computing platforms perform real-time streaming of data between Edge devices and systems, ultimately leading to better decision-making.

In addition to its large variety of heterogeneous computing products, ADLINK offers consultancy services via deep learning profiling to help users determine the right platform to cost-effectively fulfill their applications needs.

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