ADLINK’s MCM solution empowers remote monitoring and management -

ADLINK’s MCM solution empowers remote monitoring and management


ADLINK Technology has announced an upgrade to its MCM machine condition monitoring solution, with the launch of the DataConnect Pro Remote Facility Information Dashboard, integrating sensor management, data acquisition, edge platform, and vibration analysis, via dashboard-based operability. Users can simultaneously monitor multiple system devices, master real-time machine operation information, and create effective dynamic preventive maintenance strategies for reduced downtime, and increased production capacity.

Based on powerful Microsoft Azure cloud platform architecture and SaaS services, ADLINK DataConnect Pro provides an expert built-in equipment monitoring system utilizing spectral features for more precise notification. With no need for additional program development or architecture modification, it is easily deployed in multiple fields. As users grow and add new system equipment, their expansion is guided by dashboard-based existing facility information rather than redeployment or reconstruction of the whole system, thus significantly reducing expansion costs.

All-in-one design reduces cabling complexity and cost, while minimal footprint allows quick and easy installation in closer proximity to monitored equipment. Create a customized dashboard and alarm rules through intuitive instructions with no need for programming, saving development labor and time. Precise predictive alerts on equipment abnormalities prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly downtime. All users have separate accounts to ensure data security and retention of raw data for future analysis and AI application.

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