Advanced BAW filters Improve 3G handset performance -

Advanced BAW filters Improve 3G handset performance

Philips announced a family of advanced, bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters and duplexers that enhance the performance of multimedia-based mobile phones. The filters feature a patented reduced form factor chip-scale packaging technology. This improves the performance and reception of GSM and 3G mobile phones, while reducing board space. The components that receives the relief, the RF module, is typically the largest component on the phone's pcb. Philips' patented solder bumped chip-scale packaging reduces manufacturing costs of the RF front-end when compared with currently available wire-bonded BAW filters. By using the company's passive integration process technology, manufacturers can more easily integrate baluns, saving space, cost, and time.

The BAW filters (BWT190A) and duplexers (BWD190A) for the US PCS 1900-MHz frequency will sample later in the third quarter with volume production planned for the fourth quarter. The BWT190A is priced at $0.50 in quantities of 100,000 pieces. The BWD190A is priced at $2.20 in similar quantities. More information is available at

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