Advanced Mezzanine Card probe slated for PCI Express analysis -

Advanced Mezzanine Card probe slated for PCI Express analysis


Chestnut Ridge, New York—Test equipment maker LeCroy Corp . is debuting an AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) interposer for its existing PETracer PCI Express protocol analyzer line. This AMC interposer makes it easier to analyzer traffic between AMC modules and their respective host systems by decreasing probing set-up times. The AMC card is a modular add-in card that can attach to a carrier board or backplane. It's considered the telecommunication industry's next-generation mezzanine standard, supporting PCI Express in both AdvancedTCA as well as MicroTCA systems.

In the past, tight tolerances between AMC mezzanine cards and systems have made it difficult to probe protocol traffic between interfaces. This interposer minimizes signal interference by using passive tapping, letting equipment be analyzed while it functions normally.

Troubleshooting Hooks

All of LeCroy's protocol analyzers feature a hierarchical display, realtime statistics, and protocol traffic summaries. They all provide detailed error reports, powerful scripting, and the ability to create user-defined test reports. This lets developers troubleshoot intricate problems and finish projects on time.

The AMC Interposer is now available to order.

For more details contact LeCroy Corp., Customer Care Center, 700 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge, New York 10977. Phone: 800-453-2769 or 845-425-2000. Fax: 845-425-8967. E-mail:

LeCroy , 845-425-2000,

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