Advantech now supports Linux OS board designs -

Advantech now supports Linux OS board designs


Taipei, Taiwan-based Advantech  has just made available the Linux version of its SUSIAccess 2.0 remote device management software package preloaded in all Advantech embedded boards and modules.

Designed to facilitate efficient remote monitoring, quick recovery & backup, and real-time remote configuration, the Linux version of SUSIAccess 2.0 provides systems designers more flexible options for creating a more intelligent and interconnected embedded computing platforms.

SUSIAccess centralizes monitoring of all remote embedded devices. It collects all device data, and provides logs for remote management. When errors occur, it auto-notifies the system administrator via warning popups and e-mail alerts.

A “Power on-off” feature enables system administrators to switch off devices that are not in use to save energy and cost. A “System Protection” feature blocks any unauthorized apps, providing complete protection against cyber threats and virus attacks.

A “Remote Desktop” feature allows administrators to control remote devices remotely from the console side, so that the maintenance cost and efforts can be minimized. SUSIAccess also has an intuitive graphical user interface that significantly reduces the learning curve.

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