Advantech, Polycore team on PCIe tools-assisted multicore DSP -

Advantech, Polycore team on PCIe tools-assisted multicore DSP


Multicore tool vendor PolyCore Software (PSI) and Advantech, a maker of embedded single board computers and automation controllers are collaborating on a set of hardware and software tools to allow developers to rapidly develop and migrate programs for multicore designs.

According to Ted Gribb, vice president of sales, PolyCore Software , when the company’s Poly-Platform collection of productivity tools and runtime communications engine is integrated with Advantech’s family of video processing products based on Texas Instruments’ TMS320C6678 (C6678) multicore digital signal processor (DSP), the aim is to offer designers a significant improvement in development schedules.

Advantech’s DSPC-8681 integrates four C6678 multicore DSPs to achieve the highest possible performance levels in a half-length PCIe form factor. Poly-Platform provides engineers with the development tools needed to harness the full potential of this combination.

The companies hope that when PolyCore Software’s development platform, optimized for Advantech’s TI C6678-based PCIe cards, it will allow designers to fully exploit the multicore capabilities of the hardware, maximizing performance, programmability and portability.

Poly-Platform is already being shipped on the Single C6678 EVM, and is now also available on the DSPC-8681 Quad C6678 PCIe card. Upcoming releases will include a seamless upgrade path to the DSPC-8682 Octal 6678 PCIe card.

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