Aeroflex combines analyzer and generators in modular unit -

Aeroflex combines analyzer and generators in modular unit


The Aeroflex CS9000 Broadband Signal System (BSS) test system has been developed for signal generation and recording for simulation and analysis of advanced communications signals in extreme environments.

It is an integrated, modular system comprised of the operational elements of Aeroflex’s broadband signal analyzer and generator (BSAG).

The CS9000 BSS can simultaneously generate, monitor, analyze, and record hours of complex signals and signal environments.

It provides instantaneous RF bandwidths of 60 and 400 MHz and burst rates up to 500,000 bursts per second. Aeroflex says it is the only product that combines a broadband RF source and a broadband analyzer into one cohesive package.

Markets for the CS9000 BSS include analysis of complex radio signal environments, RADAR and electronic warfare development, military and space applications, EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EME (electromagnetic environment) monitoring.

Aeroflex says the CS9000 BSS can be used to replace an entire bench of equipment—including spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, power meters, and logic analyzers. It can also eliminate the need to use randomly developed software analysis tools that can introduce integration problems into the customer’s test system.

Aeroflex has also released Signal Safari 2010, a demonstration version its time-tested software suite, providing  multi-domain analysis and data generation capabilities for wireless communication R&D, RF system testing, complex signal analysis, and satellite communication link testing.

The software has been designed for use with Aeroflex broadband measurement instruments, including broadband signal and environment generators, analyzers, and analysis workstations.

When used with the CS9000 BSS, the software Signal Safari 2010 enables advanced analysis of complex communications signal environments. The software includes an improved graphical user interface that allows users to generate results more quickly for both analysis and operations.

Measurement and analysis software packages include digital spectrum analysis, channelized signal power and ACPR, demodulation and analysis (PSK/QAM, FSK/MSK, OOK and ASK, AM, FM, and PM), NPR, RADAR pulse parameters, signal-specific agile radio and SATCOM signal analysis. Robust PSK and QAM (burst and continuous) signal demodulation includes measurements of EVM, eye diagrams, symbol rate, and carrier frequency, along with symbols written to files.

RADAR and agile radio analysis includes rise and fall time, pulse width, pulse repetition interval, carrier frequency, modulation on pulse, and bits. Parameters for each hop or burst are written to an ASCII-format file for incorporation into reports and use in further analysis.

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