Aeroflex offers free software upgrade to its portable radio test set -

Aeroflex offers free software upgrade to its portable radio test set


Las Vegas—Aeroflex announced a free software upgrade to its portable 3500 Series Radio Test Set, now with Distance-to-Fault (DTF) measurement and enhanced VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) to quickly and easily find faults in cables and antennas and display results graphically.

Other new features available with the software include 0.1Hz resolution for the internal modulation sources enabling the generation of squelch tones, and save and recall of test setups. The Aeroflex 3500 Radio Test Set is also unique among portable radio test sets in its ability to fully test both the transmitter and the receiver.

The lightweight 3500 Radio Test Set now allows the user to measure VSWR versus frequency and return loss. The return loss of a cable is displayed in graphical form as return loss versus distance, making it easy to determine the exact location and magnitude of a cable fault. The VSWR of an antenna is also displayed graphically as VSWR versus frequency.

By using the setup for frequency start, stop and span, the user can select the exact frequencies for sweeping the cable or antenna. Up to six markers can be used in analyzing the graphically data that is acquired for SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) or DTF. The markers display precisely the return loss at a given distance for DTF mode or the exact VSWR at a given frequency for SWR mode. A delta function, associated with the markers, is also available to show the difference in VSWR and frequency, or return loss and distance in feet between two of the markers.

Pricing: The new software upgrade (version 2.3.1) is available for free with new units or when an existing unit is sent to an authorized Aeroflex service centre for upgrade.
Availability: Upgrade is available in four weeks upon receipt of order.
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