Agency aims to help startups tap the U.S. market -

Agency aims to help startups tap the U.S. market


LONDON — A company is looking for electronics startups that want to exploit world-wide market will be organizing a series of launch events at CES 2009 in Las Vegas in January for executives wishing to A company is looking for European electronics start-ups that want to exploit world-wide market will be organizing a series of launch events at CES 2009 in Las Vegas in January for executives wishing to meet with key decision makers at Fortune 500 companies.

Some companies say they have already successfully gone down this route using J Lyons Marketing (JLM) including Powercast (Pittsburgh) which won the CES emerging new technology for 2007 award. “We were just coming out of stealth mode and, with JLM connections, we exploded at CES,” said John Shearer, co-founder of Powercast. In 2008, JLM brought senior directors from 22 companies around the world together to meet and do business. “It was an incredibly cost effective way for us to meet with the right people and get the feedback needed to finish final development,” added Shearer.

“Our company was boosted with immediate value and credibility. It is a great service and beats the alternative of travelling round booths hoping to find someone who might be interested in us,” added Tolga Katas, Founder and Director of en2go International Inc. a California-based company, that looks beyond web 2.0 in the creation of digital entertainment and technology intelligence and added Steve Wozniak to its board of directors earlier this year.

Getting started in the huge American market can be a daunting challenge for European technology companies, especially start ups. St Davids, Pennsylvania-based J Lyons Marketing (JLM) has over twenty years of experience of introducing European companies to the decision makers at prospective Fortune 500 customer organisations with over a billion dollars of design win successes into products ranging from cell phones to automatic utility meter readers. “We know the CTOs of major American technology companies on first name terms,” explained John Lyons, President and Founder of JLM. “By keeping in regular contact we know exactly what technology challenges they are facing both now and in the future. This means that when we call them with a possible solution from one of our clients, they listen because we have track record of delivering exactly what they need for years and years.”

“It is a matchmaking process based on intimate understanding of both technology needs and technology solutions. It would be very hard for European company to cold call and hope to find decision maker who happened to have a problem that their technology could solve,” added Lyons.

Most of the clients that JLM represents are European because, as Lyons explained, Europe has a tremendous pool of engineers creating innovative technologies and products but they lack the contacts to crack the lucrative American market.

Peratech, the leader in new materials designed for touch technology solutions, is one of the clients that JLM has recently started working with. Martin Kingdon, Peratech’s Sales Manager, said, “JLM gets doors open at a senior level with customers and gets to the right people very quickly.” Another success story for JLM was with Maxell, and saw its Lithium Thionyl chloride batteries used in utility meters and in set top boxes while its lithium-ion prismatic cells have enjoyed huge success with cell phone manufacturers. “JLM has helped us become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of speciality batteries,” said Bob Meadows, National Sales Manager at Maxell.

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