Agere chips direct heavy traffic -

Agere chips direct heavy traffic


Agere Systems has introduced six chips designed for use in existing and next-generation wireless and wireline telecommunications equipment. The chips — the APP550TM, APP530TM, TAAD Lite, TAAD UltraLite, SAR-1K and SAR-500 — perform various communications functions with voice, data, and video signals, including traffic management (TM), segmentation and reassembly (SAR), and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). ATM is a data communications protocol that organizes, directs, routes, and prioritizes how to handle delivery of voice, data, and video signals through network equipment. SAR allows telecom providers to merge their Internet data traffic onto their traditional voice network and vice versa.

Two of the six new chips, the APP550TM and APP530TM, perform TM, SAR, ATM, andvoice and data packet processing; operations, administration and maintenance; traffic policing; traffic shaping; buffer management; and data modification. The APP550TM integrates TM, ATM, SAR, and an Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC) on a single device running at 5Gbps. These two chips are targeted for network equipment that connects Internet, access networks, digital subscriber lines, and cable modems to telecom service providers' backbone infrastructures. The APP550TM and APP530TM are priced at $575 and $295 respectively.

The TAAD Lite and TAAD UltraLite chips target third-generation wireless base stations and digital subscriber line access multiplexers. The chips are less than one square inch in size and house approximately 140 million transistors. The SAR-1K and SAR-500, perform SAR functions and, like the TAAD Lite and TAAD UltraLite, target third-generation wireless base stations and digital subscriber line access multiplexers. Combined, the TAAD Lite and new SAR-1K chips enable 1,000 simultaneous user channels of voice, data, or video signals, according to the company. These four chips are available now and range in price from $125 to $300.

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