Agilent adds handheld scopes with color VGA display -

Agilent adds handheld scopes with color VGA display


Agilent Technologies Inc. has added two oscilloscopes to its portfolio of handheld instruments. The 100-MHz U1610A and 200-MHz U1620A are the first handheld units to include a color VGA display.
With up to three viewing modes (indoor, outdoor and night vision), these instruments enable engineers to view signal waveforms by zooming in to capture glitches under all lighting conditions. The outdoor viewing mode, coupled with the 5.7-inch transflective display make it possible to read waveforms even in bright sunlight.
Measurement capabilities include a sampling rate of 1 or 2 GSa/sec and two safety-isolated input channels. Analysis capabilities include deep memory, 1,000-times zooming, and dual zoom windows for overview and detailed displays.

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