Agilent adds wireless multi-measurement capability -

Agilent adds wireless multi-measurement capability

PRODUCTRONICA, Munich – A multi-measurement capability is being added to the Agilent Technologies Inc. 89600 VSA software, enabling simultaneous signal analysis of multiple carriers and signal formats for more efficient testing and deeper signal insight in wireless test.
The 89600 VSA software’s multi-measurement capability has been developed to provide the power of multiple signal analyzers using a single, optimized user interface. The software’s architecture will enable engineers to configure multiple measurements simultaneously.

All measurements reside in memory, so any or all of them can be called on for immediate and coordinated execution. Measurements can be performed sequentially when signals are spaced too far apart to be captured in a single acquisition. With results then displayed on one screen, it is possible to use trace overlays and user-defined equations to do in-depth comparisons.
“The success of our wireless customers depends heavily on their ability to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies and standards,” said Guy Séné (pictured right), vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Microwave and Communications Division. “By adding multi-measurement capability to our 89600 VSA software, which supports a wide variety of Agilent instruments, we will be providing the industry’s most flexible multi-measurement solution—a solution that enables engineers to see through the complexity in their wireless designs.”
The multi-measurement capability of Agilent’s 89600 VSA is designed for use in a variety of test scenarios, including multi-standard radio (MSR). Along with its recently announced MSR measurement application for X-Series signal analyzers, Agilent now has a range of test solutions supporting the product lifecycle of the MSR base station from R&D through manufacturing.
The 89600 VSA software  provides general-purpose and standards-based tools for evaluating signal spectrum, modulation and time characteristics and enables troubleshoot of physical-layer signal problems. This software is compatible with more than 30 Agilent signal analyzers, oscilloscopes and logic analyzers, and runs on Microsoft Windows-based PCs or in PC-based instruments.

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The multi-measurement capability will be available in February 2012 as a standard feature of Agilent’s 89600 VSA software.

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