Agilent continues PXI expansion with 6.5 digit DMMs -

Agilent continues PXI expansion with 6.5 digit DMMs

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced two digital multimeters (DMMs) to complement its growing family of PXI products. 

These 6.5 digit PXI DMMs are designed to provide test engineers in aerospace, defense, electronic manufacturing and automotive industries with an alternative when designing their mission-critical PXI test systems.
The M9182A 6.5 digit DMM and M9183A 6.5 digit enhanced-performance DMM measure common parameters such as DCV, DCI, ACV, ACI, 2- and 4-wire resistance and temperature. Each offers 30 parts-per-million basic DCV and 300 parts-per-million basic ACV 1-year accuracies and inputs up to 300 volts.

The DMMs deliver 4,500 readings-per-second and 20,000 readings-per-second, respectively. These fast reading speeds translate into higher test system throughput and lower cost of test.
The M9183A enhanced-performance DMM is capable of additional measurements, such as capacitance. This may reduce the need for additional instruments in a test rack, conserving rack space and budget. Both DMMs are compatible with PXI, PXI Hybrid, and compactPCI instrument mainframes, including Agilent’s recently announced PXI mainframe products.
Each DMM ships with a full suite of software to enable easy system integration regardless of what software environment end-users have on their PCs. An intuitive software front panel enables DMM set-up, measurement and system troubleshooting without programming. The DMMs include IVI-COM, IVI-C, and LabVIEW G-drivers that are compatible with C++, Visual Basic, NI LabVIEW, and many other PC software environments.
Prices for the Agilent M9182A 6.5 digit DMM start at $1,395. The pricing for the Agilent M9183A 6.5 digit enhanced DMM starts at $2,095. Both instruments are available for order, with shipments beginning in February, 2011.
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