Agilent expands handheld DMMs and LCR portfolio -

Agilent expands handheld DMMs and LCR portfolio


The U1230 series DMMs of handheld digital multimeters from Agilent Technologies Inc. are 3½-digit, 6,000-count DMMs designed for installation and maintenance work in electrical, HVAC and utilities.

A built-in flashlight can illuminate the work area while making measurements and in noisy environments, it can ease continuity measurements with a combination of alerts: loud beeps and a blinking backlight display.

The DMMs provide non-contacting AC voltage detection, enabling safe detection and avoidance of hot wires and providing a beeping/blinking alerts.

Agilent has also upgraded its LCR meters and the U1731C, U1732C and U1733C now include selectable test frequencies up to 100 kHz (U1733C) and 0.2 percent measurement accuracy. The U1730C series also includes automatic component identification, which displays the device type and a detailed analysis of parameters such as total impedance, DC resistance and equivalent series resistance.
The U1230 series handheld DMMs range in price from $99 to $165. The U1730C series handheld LCR meters range in price from $290 to $400.

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