Agilent software decodes MIPI Unified & LLI protocols -

Agilent software decodes MIPI Unified & LLI protocols

Agilent Technologies has introduced software for decoding MIPI Unified Protocol (UniPro) and Low Latency Interface (LLI) protocols.

Agilent's N8808A UniPro  and N8809A LLI protocol decoders are designed to run on the company's Infiniium 90000 Series oscilloscopes.

The software allows protocol decoding for the MIPI Alliance's UniPro v1.41 and LLI v1.0 specifications. The software supports MIPI M-PHY Gear-3 speeds of up to 5.8 Gbps, which these protocols use for their electrical layers. R&D design teams can use the software to address their start-up debug and validation needs.

The software supports correlated protocol-decoding information with the analog Waveforms; Symbol, packet, frame and payload details of the protocols; high-speed (HS-BURST) and low-speed pulse width modulation (PWM-BURST) transmission modes; cyclical redundancy check on the packets; and search capability for various frames, sequences and errors

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