Aircraft power project wins EMC award -

Aircraft power project wins EMC award


LONDON — The winner of the 2006 Schaffner/University of York award for best EMC project is Joanne Burch for her 'Ground Power Supply Operation during Static Aircraft Trials' project.

The purpose of Burch's project was to devise a strategy to overcome issues regarding the susceptibility of ground power units (GPUs) to the RF environments produced by the radio frequency environment generator (REG) transmitters and aircraft transmitters employed during ground based aircraft testing.

Ideally the strategy had to make use of existing GPUs, however the investigation of alternative units was not ruled out if the benefits could be justified and the cost penalties were not significant.

Information was made available from recent aircraft trials and, time constraints allowing, testing of the various GPUs was to be conducted in the REG to quantify the GPUs susceptibility across all frequency bands at particular illumination angles and polarizations. The project employed a systems engineering approach to devise the proposed strategies.

“We are very pleased to be making this latest in our annual award presentations to Joanne who has worked on a very practical issue with interesting results. We wish to congratulate the University of York on the quality of the work done by their students on EMC projects and will continue to reward these achievements,” said Sam Williamson, sales manager for EMC Components at Schaffner Ltd.

From left: Amir Majedi EMC applications engineer of Schaffner Ltd., Joanne Burch and Sam Williamson, sales manager for EMC Components at Schaffner Ltd.

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