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All New! All Embedded! All the Time!


A few months ago we decided to run a poll, asking you what language you use for embedded systems development. Guess what. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of — Ada! Hmm. Clearly we had a problem with our process. Although we thought we had guarded against the possibility, we realized that people could stuff the ballot box. Now I don't want to imply anything about Ada folks and their voting proclivities, but the results were more than a little suspect.

Even more of a problem was the fact that was not structured in a way that we could discuss this problem with you. So we decided to yank the poll prematurely (amidst the howls of the aforementioned Ada users) until we got our act together. We knew we had a redesign coming up and wanted to accommodate a different kind of communication with you.

So, just in time for the Embedded Systems Conference, the redesign has been completed. (Coincidence? You be the judge) Again we have polls, now administered by Jack Ganssle, an old timer in the embedded systems business who is beholden to no one. Each week under his byline in “Embedded Pulse” he'll post a new poll, along with a context for the poll, and in addition to displaying the results, he'll tell you exactly what he thinks about them. He'll give you a chance to talk back, too. In his initial foray called “Plllttghharhgg” he asks how meaningful are the products you design.

As we re-jigger the site, we don't want to throw out what you've liked about it in the past. We just want to give you more reasons to visit. Here's what else is new to the site:

The Net-centric View — Once upon a time, embedded systems were islands of automation. Not anymore. Connectivity is becoming commonplace, with devices being connected to each other and to the enterprise, a phenomenon that raises a whole host of issues. Before you know it, ubiquitous computing is liable to be, well, everywhere. EE Times embedded and net-centric editor Bernie Cole takes on the challenge of monitoring ubiquitous computing and how it is important to you. He makes some pretty rash statements about it. In his first offering, “What is Net-Centric Computing?” he tells you what it is and why you should care. You are welcome to disagree with anything he says.

Embedded Soapbox — You don't have to wait for us to say something before talking back. Embedded Soapbox is your venue. If you have something to offer that you think would be of interest and relevance to other developers, this is your place to say it, and to take the accolades — or lumps — from the rest of the community. Just one rule: this is not a venue for marketers to hype their wares.

Beginner's Corner –New to embedded systems development and looking for help? Starting simultaneously here and in the pages of Embedded Systems Programming is a brief, monthly tutorial devoted to the fundamentals of embedded software. The subject of the first “Beginner's Corner” is Reentrancy , authored by the peripatetic Jack Ganssle.

The attributes that have made this site a popular destination are not going away. You can still find articles from recent issues of Embedded Systems Programming and download associated code listings. The demos of development tools are still here as are the links to resources around the Internet . And you can still register for Embedded Systems Conferences and buy the ESP annual CD-ROM compilation of articles, columns, and code.

Web sites are organic entities that evolve over time. This site looks nothing like the one that first saw the light of day in late 1995. There will be more changes coming down the road, based on the feedback we get from you. Done right, this should be a dynamic place that you take part in shaping.

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