Altek: 3D depth sensing chip -

Altek: 3D depth sensing chip


Altek announced its latest 3D- Depth Sensing Chip AL6100 at CES 2018. The new chip was well received for its depth functionality and accuracy, low-power consumption, and value proposition. This year at CES, a common focus among AI, autonomous vehicle, smart home, AR/VR application was machine vision. Images captured from cameras in each of these applications are no longer just for human eyes, they are now “data” for artificial intelligence. AL6100 enabled high resolution real-time 3D depth data for the machine to learn about its surrounding, a key metrics for enabling machine vision.

In general, structure light, ToF, Lidar, and active stereo camera are the most popular 3D-sensing solutions. For better precision 3D sensing application such as 3D modeling, active stereo camera, and structure light are the most promising technology. In comparison, the active stereo camera is relative superior in terms of cost structure, reliability, and sensing distance. Active stereo is suitable for application such as smart home application with 5-6 meters of sensing distance, robot depth map construction, 3D facial recognition, and automobile in-cabin monitoring and hand gesture recognition. The active stereo demonstration by Altek AL6100 at CES this year created a huge buzz from its audience and propelled advancement in machine vision.

During the exhibition, numerous mobile phone, smart home, and autonomous vehicle companies expressed that AL6100 chip and Altek’s depth-sensing technology is one of the best live demonstrations in CES. Altek’s 3D sensing solution is a giant step up in real-time processing to the previous generation, AL3200. The new chip will be available for commercial shipping by the end of March.

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