Altia stays one GUI ahead with new design editor -

Altia stays one GUI ahead with new design editor

Altia, Inc. has just released its Version 11.1 of its Altia Design user interface development tool suite.

It features a GUI editor and graphics code generator that enable development teams to build completely custom user interface models with graphics created from scratch or imported from industry-standard design programs like Adobe Photoshop.

The Altia GUI can be connected to a variety of simulation tools or C code to create a complex, user-driven model which can be shared with users and management teams for testing and validation prior to production.

Once approved, Altia's code generator automatically generates pure C source code that is optimized to take full advantage of the resources of the selected production hardware.

Among new features is a validator which gives developers the ability to perform real-time validation of their GUI design against general guidelines or even design rules specific to their selected embedded target.

Developers can now look under the hood while their GUI runs within Altia Design to review and trap animation activity with the new debugger. The next generation of the Altia Design Display Object – the new Layer Manager – helps developers to manage multi-layer designs, create screens and handle layer composition.

With Altia Design 11.1, developers can import and control 3D mesh files and animations from 3D authoring tools like Maya and 3DS Max with the all new 3D Scene Object. The new Multi-Plot Object is capable of custom complex plotting, strip-charting and data logging capabilities for advanced applications like medical and industrial user interfaces.

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