Altium continues support of Power Archecture with new C compiler -

Altium continues support of Power Archecture with new C compiler

Continuing its support of the Power Architecture, Altium has a new major release of its TASKING C compiler for automotive applications, supporting the Power-based Freescale Qorivva/5xxx series and STMicroelectronics SPC5 series.

In addition to various improvements on code optimizations for speed and size, the new compiler brings device support for the MPC56xx and SPC56x microcontroller series, while also allowing users to develop applications already for new devices by selecting the corresponding e200 core level.

According to Harm-Andre Verhoef, TASKING Product Manager at Altium, with this new release of its VX-toolset, Altium is now also adding its support to an industry trend toward open source tools by offering a plug-in that enables a seamless integration of the compiler tools and the simulator user-interface into the Eclipse framework.

The TASKING compiler plug-in enables customization and optimization of the build process by selecting the compiler chain options from a configuration explorer tree. This saves the developer from having to type options manually in text boxes or on the command line.

By using TASKING’s Viper technology, he said compatibility to other popular TASKING toolsets is guaranteed and migration of an application to and from other architectures is straightforward. “In this new release the Viper compiler is extended with caching functionality,” said Verhoef, “which saves the compiler’s intermediate results in order to avoid full compilations, significantly reducing the project build time of embedded applications and saving developers both time and cost.”

He said automotive embedded applications benchmarks with the new C compilers have shown best-in-class code efficiency achievements, enabled by Viper and the result from close cooperation with customers and understanding their code optimization needs.

MISRA C and CERT C code analyzer has been built into the compiler, which also allows the profiling through code instrumentation and run-time error checking capabilities. Also included is a highly configurable linker with versatile script language for optimal memory.

The new Power Architecture toolset release includes TASKING’s new license management system, with comprehensive license usage reporting facilities for IT managers or license compliance managers.

The VX-toolset for Power Architecture release v2.1 is available now on PC/Windows, with other platforms supported on request. Existing customers with a maintenance contract will get the new release for free.

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