Altium cuts the price of design tools -

Altium cuts the price of design tools


LONDON — Altium Ltd. has cut by about 75 percent the price of its Altium Designer, a circuit board design tool which is intended to bring together the traditionally separate worlds of hardware design and software development.

It has reduced the price of a perpetual license for Altium Designer to $3,995 from more than $12,000 and is also emphasizing a global subscription price of $195 per month, purchased in 12-month blocks.

Altium has also cut the price of its desktop NanoBoard NB2 reconfigurable development platform to $1,995.

According to company, the price cut is intended to spur wider adoption of Altium Designer. They say the company decided it needed to reduce the price barrier in order for the technology to go mainstream—trying to set a price that will be attractive to engineers who are mainly designing FPGAs but occasionally do board design work.

According to Altium, its unified architecture enables the creation of hardware, software and programmable hardware in a single application, with a single view of the design across the entire design process. Altium Designer, introduced in 2005, supports the design of circuit boards but also includes integrated design tools for the emerging programmable hardware in electronics systems, according to the company.

The company emphasized that Altium Designer has not been changed, the new price is for the same tool, not a basic or 'lite' version.

According to Altium hardware design being moved increasingly to new geographic areas for cost reasons, design engineers must “be able to do more of the engineering puzzle” and become more like product designers focusing on product differentiation in order to stay competitive.

Altium said another reason for reducing the price of Altium Designer is the idea that board design tools need to be priced closer to what people pay for FPGA design tools and software development tools.

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